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May 15, 2008

CAG hotfix 4.5.7 Rev. A available

A few days ago, Citrix released the hot fix AG2000_v457 Rev. A. This release fixes a security issue found in all 4.5 releases of the Access Gateway. Fixes for Access Gateway 4.5.5, 4.5.6 and 4.5.7 are available for download.

Especially if you use the SSL VPN feature of the Access Gateway, it is recommended to install this fix as soon as possible.

The download and readme for CAG 4.5.7 Rev. A can be found here: CTX117123, Hot fix AG2000_v457 Rev. A


July 18, 2007

CAG 4.5.5 Update available

July 18.: Citrix released a Hotfix for Citrix Access Gateway. This hotfix is applicable to the Model 2000 and the Model 2010 appliance that supports the Access Gateway Standard Edition, Version 4.5 and Access Gateway Advanced Edition, Version 4.5. This update comprises a couple of new features and options. Beside others, the main improvements are IMHO the following issues:

  • Caching of one time passwords can now be disabled
  • WANScaler integration (protocol and TCP optimizations through the SSL VPN client)
  • Vista client support

Since a couple of security updates are comprised in this Package, administrators shouldn’t wait with installing this update.

The download and aditional informations can be found here.