Wouldn’t it be nice to have your XenServer environment allways with you on a USB disk ?

Wouldn’t it be nice, if this USB disk would function with your own notebook ?

And that you don’t need a second machine to run XenCenter on it ?

That this is possible and how to achieve this, is documented in my last tutorial. In this tutorial we will install XenServer on a USB harddisk attached to a laptop, then install X server and GNOME on this disk and then run an RDP session to a VM running on the XenServer and providing us with XenCenter.

A “demo in a box” 🙂

The tutorial can be downloaded here: “XenServer_and_Gnome_on_your_USB_disk_EN.pdf”
For the moment, this tutorial is availabel only in German, but i will upload an english version soon, so stay tuned…
The english version is now available too…