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November 15, 2007

Access Gateway hotfix 4.5.6

Citrix released HotFix 4.5.6 of the Access Gateway Standard, which eliminates another couple of bugs. Before the update to version 4.5.6 the number of connections from the Secure Access Client and Citrix Presentation Server Clients could be different in the Real-Time Monitor or on the Statistics tab in the Administration Tool. Another fix adresses this issue: When users are logged on to the Advanced Access Control option through the Access Gateway, when users logoff, the session is not disconnected. Users must manually disconnect by right-clicking the Secure Access Client and selecting Disconnect.

If the Access Gateway appliance is upgraded to version 4.5.6, and Access Gateway Advanced Edition with hotfix AAC450W001 is installed on a server in the internal network, users are prompted to install the ActiveX control each time a connection is created. Currently, the file web.config has the following at the end of the file:

<add key="SACCodebase" value=",5,0,122" />

The version number needs to be changed to the correct version and build number for 4.5.6, which is 4,5,6,111.

The full list of fixes and the download can be found here.


September 17, 2007

Access Gateway hotfix 4.5.5 Rev. B

After the summer holidays and several very busy weeks, i have found the time again to carry on with these pages 🙂

Citrix released Revision B of the Access Gateway HotFix 4.5.5 today, which eliminates a couple of bugs. After the update to version 4.5.5 some CAG Standard installations experienced a freeze every 10 to 20 minutes or even worse 2 to 3 crashes/reboots a day. The “reason” for this behavior was the configuration of more than one STA on the CAG Standard. After the update to Rev. B this bug should be eliminated.

Additional fixes for the SAC roll out and the EPA download are included. Furthermore the SAC should close now more reliably in AAC deployments. The full list of fixes and the download can be found here.


July 18, 2007

CAG 4.5.5 Update available

July 18.: Citrix released a Hotfix for Citrix Access Gateway. This hotfix is applicable to the Model 2000 and the Model 2010 appliance that supports the Access Gateway Standard Edition, Version 4.5 and Access Gateway Advanced Edition, Version 4.5. This update comprises a couple of new features and options. Beside others, the main improvements are IMHO the following issues:

  • Caching of one time passwords can now be disabled
  • WANScaler integration (protocol and TCP optimizations through the SSL VPN client)
  • Vista client support

Since a couple of security updates are comprised in this Package, administrators shouldn’t wait with installing this update.

The download and aditional informations can be found here.


May 2, 2007

Secure Access Client Command Line Parameters

It is a little known fact, that the Secure Access Client (4.2 and later, including net6vpn.exe) offers some interesting command line parameters. I will therefore present them here. The most intersting part is the ability to automate installation of the client via software deployment or simple batch script.

Note: These parameters are case-sensitive.

The following parameters are available:

  • -C Configure the Virtual Private Networking (VPN) client–bring up the GUI configuration screen
    Example: “CitrixSAClient.exe –C”
  • -H Connect to a specific server address and port (Syntax: -H SERVER_IP:PORT)
    Example: “CitrixSAClient.exe –H”
  • -p Connect with a proxy IP address and port (Syntax: -p PROXY_IP:PORT)
    Example: “CitrixSAClient.exe –p”
  • -i Install the client. This is used in combination with other parameters for silent installations
    Example: “CitrixSAClient.exe –i”
  • -D Sets the URL for the desktop icon for Advanced Access Control mode (Syntax: -D AG_AAC_URL)
    Example: “CitrixSAClient.exe -D”
  • -Q Quiet mode parameter–this can only be used during an install (-i) or uninstall (-U). It must appear before all other parameters
    Example: “CitrixSAClient.exe –Q”
  • -U Uninstall the VPN client and drivers
    Example: “CitrixSAClient.exe –U”
  • -v Shows the version of the client you are launching
    Example: “CitrixSAClient.exe –v”

Below is a syntax example for a silent installation with Advanced Access Control integration:
CitrixSAClient.exe –Q –D https://AG_AAC_URL –i

A silent installation for Access Gateway Standard would look like that:
CitrixSAClient.exe –Q –H [AG_SYSTEM_FQDN]:[AG_SYSTEM_PORT] –i

From CTX108757.


April 20, 2007

Citrix Access Gateway v4.5.2 released

April 18. Citrix released Citrix Access Gateway (Standard and Advanced) v4.5.2. This update comprises a couple of interesting fixes. Beside others, the main improvements are IMHO the fixes of the following issues:

  • When the Secure Access Client is started from the desktop icon, the taskbar button displays “Shutting Down,” and the portal page is not displayed for a significant amount of time
  • Downloading files larger than 512 megabytes through the Access Gateway fail
  • When users attempt to log on using the Endpoint Analysis Client, they cannot log on if the Web site is not trusted
  • The Access Gateway fails when an invalid certificate is installed using the Administration Portal

A complete list of fixes and the download can be found here.