Citrix Advanced Products Group investigates emerging technologies relevant to the Citrix business mission, and creates research, prototypes and first release versions of products addressing these technologies. As part of this effort, the Advanced Products Group periodically releases technical preview versions of products to the Citrix community to encourage feedback.

DynamicUSB allows you to access a USB drive in a Presentation Server session in situations where the device is connected to a client system after the Presentation Server session is established.

The utility creates a directory under C:\CitrixUSBStore in the client file system for each USB drive that is inserted into the client device. This linked directory reflects the contents of the USB drive; thus, all directories and files in the USB drive appear as directories and files under the linked directory. If the USB key is subsequently removed, the utility deletes the corresponding link directory.

The user can access the linked directory from a Presentation Server session using client drive mapping functionality.

This utility is designed to work only on client systems that support the New Technology File System (NTFS). A Windows XP or later variant of the client operating system is a prerequisite.

Installing DynamicUSB
There is no specific installer for this utility. Extract the executable DynamicUSB.EXE and proceed to use it as described below.

How to Use DynamicUSB

1. Run DynamicUSB.EXE on the client workstation. It creates a system tray icon.

2. Plug in a USB key. DynamicUSB creates a directory called C:\CitrixUSBStore\Drive_X where:

  • X: is the USB drive letter assigned to the USB key by the client operating system
  • Drive_X is a link to X:\

3. When you unplug the USB key, the utility deletes the directory Drive_X.

You can observe directory Drive_X being dynamically created or destroyed in the Presentation Server session as you plug or unplug your USB key.

Modify the Default Root Directory for Linked Directories
To modify the default directory in which linked directories are created (C:\CitrixUSBStore), launch DynamicUSB with the following command line:

DynamicUSB FullPathoftheDesiredRootDirectory

If FullPathoftheDesiredRootDirectory has spaces, enclose it with double quotation marks as shown below:

DynamicUSB “FullPathoftheDesiredRootDirectory”

You can download the tool here.