It is a little known fact, that the Secure Access Client (4.2 and later, including net6vpn.exe) offers some interesting command line parameters. I will therefore present them here. The most intersting part is the ability to automate installation of the client via software deployment or simple batch script.

Note: These parameters are case-sensitive.

The following parameters are available:

  • -C Configure the Virtual Private Networking (VPN) client–bring up the GUI configuration screen
    Example: “CitrixSAClient.exe –C”
  • -H Connect to a specific server address and port (Syntax: -H SERVER_IP:PORT)
    Example: “CitrixSAClient.exe –H”
  • -p Connect with a proxy IP address and port (Syntax: -p PROXY_IP:PORT)
    Example: “CitrixSAClient.exe –p”
  • -i Install the client. This is used in combination with other parameters for silent installations
    Example: “CitrixSAClient.exe –i”
  • -D Sets the URL for the desktop icon for Advanced Access Control mode (Syntax: -D AG_AAC_URL)
    Example: “CitrixSAClient.exe -D”
  • -Q Quiet mode parameter–this can only be used during an install (-i) or uninstall (-U). It must appear before all other parameters
    Example: “CitrixSAClient.exe –Q”
  • -U Uninstall the VPN client and drivers
    Example: “CitrixSAClient.exe –U”
  • -v Shows the version of the client you are launching
    Example: “CitrixSAClient.exe –v”

Below is a syntax example for a silent installation with Advanced Access Control integration:
CitrixSAClient.exe –Q –D https://AG_AAC_URL –i

A silent installation for Access Gateway Standard would look like that:
CitrixSAClient.exe –Q –H [AG_SYSTEM_FQDN]:[AG_SYSTEM_PORT] –i

From CTX108757.