If you are already working with Merchandising Server, you will probably know this problem.

Citrix provides an update for his Offline –Plugin that eliminates 45 bugs. The update 6.0.1 is available as regular download since many weeks now but if you try to find the update on your Merchandising Server you won’t find it. Even a manual rescan of the available plugins doesn’t help 🙁

The reason is a missing XML file, which Merchandising Server needs to control the installation and configuration of the plugins. Apparently Citrix won’t make this XML file available to the public, see Citrix Blog: App Streaming-6.0.1 LCM Update

I have therefore taken the time to have a look at the following resources:

Citrix eDocs
Metadata Reference

and finally created my own XML file.

To save your time, I will provide you with the XML file needed here: XenAppStreamingMetaData.xml

On the Merchandising Server it is now possible to upload the actual Offline-Plugin together with the new XML file. After that step you can deploy the update through standard deliveries as usual.

Why Citrix doesn’t provide this file itself is a miracle to me. In fact this behavior doesn’t help to convince people to use Merchandising Server. I hope Citrix is rethinking the way they provide updates to Merchandising Server in the future…